Imagine the Desert

The desert is endless before your eyes. The dunes rise and fall and snake their way to the hazy horizon. The sun blasts rays of cool sunshine. When you close your eyes it’s not black you see, but a glowing red, and you can feel particles of light impacting your eyelids.You take a step. Then another. And another. And each time your delights doubles. Your feet sink into the warm sand, blanketed, safe. The sky is an imperturbable sea and the clouds little fishes that mutate, now a flower and later a rabbit, all pure white.

You’re alone. The only sounds you hear are the throbs of your heart. But soon it slows, sizzles, and surrenders. Your are calm and all the worries sink into yesterday. Only the future has form. The only way is forward. Nothing can take away the smile that nests on your lips. Nothing.

A wind rises and a swooshing sound comes to you. The air whirls and swirls around you. Its earthy fragrances fill your nostrils. You hear the grains scrape against each other as they dance for your eyes. They caress. They kiss. They hiss. And you jump in the middle of it. You let them roll on your arms and your chest. You let them play hide and seek in your hair. And in return they whisper their splendid secrets.

You don’t want it to stop, but you know that everything ends. And so your mineral friends fall, return to their multitude of brothers and sisters. And the wind, after her visit, says goodbye and fades and fades and dies. You hug yourself, turn your face to the sun, and let its rays drown your soul. You’re charged and ready for anything. Even the world. Even life.

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