Imagine the Rain


You’re standing on a brownish dirt path. Ahead, the path willows and wanders down the slope of the knoll on which you’re standing. Down into the valley, it snakes between green fields swaying in a windy rhythm. Past the valley, it wraps upward round a bigger hill, perhaps a mountain. The road reaches for the sky until, finally, it disappears, swallowed by the mountain’s thick foliage.

You take a deep breath and cry out your name. As expected, the landscape shouts back at you, calling your name like a satiated lover. You smile and lower your eyes to your feet. A dust layer has nested on your skin and is winding toward your ankles.

Lightning strikes and frightens the sun into hiding. Clouds roll above the valley and the breeze shifts to a blast. The vegetation around you flutters in all direction. You tense up. But when the thunder comes, it’s a mellow melody. It caresses nature and reassures her. And before long, she’s happily swaying again.

When the water hits your face, it refreshes. The drops tumble down like bullets, but they smash like petals. In seconds you’re drenched. You spread your arms and let the water dance with you. You turn and turn like the swirls of wind earlier. And every time you’re fitted with a different dance partner. A smooth one, then a wild one, then a comfortable one, then a passionate one. And others. So many others.

They whisper in your ears. They rub against your body. They taste sweet and salty, bitter and balmy, hot and cold. They take you places and make you wish for tomorrow. You tell them your secrets, hopes, and dreams. And they believe. In your words. In you. They’re your closest friends, they’re your illicit lovers, they’re your forbidden passion.

And you laugh. At the world, at the serious situations and solutions. You laugh at it all. Because this is what’s real for you. These liquid friends of yours, chuckling at your silent jokes, returning your smiles, raising the hidden flavors inside the earth. They awaken your senses, sharpen your mind, and leave you exhausted. And you love them for all that.

The rain fades as suddenly as it came. The sun drowns the valley again, and you feel the earth contracting around your feet. You look back at the path behind. It may be longer or shorter than the one ahead, but you know where it leads. You’ve been to those places. Happy, sad, ecstatic, electrifying, climactic, or catastrophic, you know them all. You want new, you want unexpected. And for that, ahead is the way to go.

And after your dance, you’re ready for the journey. No matter what’s between you and your final destination.

You take that next step.

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