MENIAL: Skilled Labor in Science Fiction — Win and Advanced Review Copy (ARC)

Hello campers,

More inconsistent updates on my part. At this point, I’m going to run out of apologies. But, it’s because I have so many things going on behind the scenes, and hopefully, when they go from hidden status to public, you’ll feel compelled to forgive me.  Well, you probably haven’t even noticed that I was gone, so I wonder who I’m kidding… 😉

Anyway, here’s one of those reasons. Menial: Skilled Labor in Science Fiction, an anthology published by Crossed Genres Publications, will be launched on January 21st, 2013. And it contains one of my shorts. The Heart of the Union, was my first anthology sale, and I’m very excited to receive my copy.

And you can get your hands on an ARC even before I do. The editors, Shay Darrach and Kelly Jennings, are hosting a giveaway on goodreads. Hop on over HERE and enter to win your copy or the anthology.

To learn more about the collection, table of contents and all, visit THIS PAGE dedicated to the anthology and hosted by Crossed Genre Publications.

More soon,

DGZ, out!

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