It’s alive…

An by it, I mean I. I think I have enough apologies shelved away to last me a lifetime. But I’m back. And I’ll try to keep posting more regularly this time, I promise.

I actually have some pretty interesting ideas for where I want to take the blog next, but I’m missing one crucial ingredient. Time. Of course. I thought that now that I’m done revising and over-revising my manuscript, now that I’ve entered the querying phase, I’d have more time. But no. There’s always more to be done.

So, I guess the only thing to do is contend with the time I’ve got now, try to stretch it as best I can to fit at least a few posts a month. That’s my goal.

I don’t want to let this be a useless ramble, so here are a few books I’ve read lately and what I thought about them in once sentence.

OLDMAN’S WAR – – John Scalzi
One of the best military science fiction books I’ve read so far.

Interesting sequel to Old Man’s War but not as good.

READY PLAYER ONE – – Ernest Cline
Every geek’s wet dream.

SHADOW OF THE SUN – – David Macinnis Gill
Interesting conclusion of the Black Hole Sun trilogy, but this was the weakest installment for me.

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