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Fresh Essay Prompts To Write The Most Captivating Essay

Experts have given numerous tips on how to write an essay. For instance, among the most important tips of experts is the choice of a topic. Topics may be chosen by your tutor or you may be given a prompt or suggestions from where to generate a topic. While a topic is a single phrase or sentence at the beginning of your paper, it carries incredible weight. This means that it must meet particular standards for it to be regarded as a viable and strong topic.

  • Relevant –the topic must address issues that relate to your discipline and also the specific topic in that subject. For instance, if you are studying zoology, the topic should be related to animals.
  • Fresh- readers are looking for new information to read. Essay writing is also an opportunity to add new information into academia. Choose a topic that provides new and captivating information to any reader who encounters your paper.
  • Interesting-readers, scholars and teachers will pick a paper based on how interesting its topic is. For instance, when writing a common app essay you should make it compelling for people to read. Craft the title in such a way that the reader finds it interesting to pick your paper over the others. In fact, this will earn you a better grade in class.
  • Unique- essay topics should be different from what other students are writing on. There is not point repeating what your classmates or seniors have already written on. Choose a topic that is unique and interesting to write on.

Here are unique topics and prompts you can consider for your paper.

  1. Has social media made people better at socializing or is leading to isolation?
  2. Who is to blame for diseases arising from fast foods and other sweet bites?
  3. Is democracy a solution to all economic problems?
  4. International trade agreements and how they disadvantage developing countries
  5. Cyber security and the role of international politics
  6. Extreme moral expectations from sports personalities
  7. Should sportsmen use the game platform to make a personal statement?
  8. Is the cost of space exploration worth it?
  9. Social media and its role in influencing personal decisions
  10. The role of religion in instilling morals
  11. Online learning and the loss of engaging education experience
  12. The false fame and popularity that comes with social media following

Beyond the topic, the introduction plays a huge role in determining the fate of your paper. It is short and provides an indication of the issues you wish to pursue in your paper. This is where a reader finds your statement of purpose and makes a decision whether to continue reading or not. It should therefore be crafted with professionalism and care to capture the attention of anyone who reads it.

It is at the introduction that you give your objectives and raise questions that will be addressed in the paper. The tone used at the introduction is that of anticipation and probing. The introduction should generate interest in your work by making the reader curious of the information you present in the body. This is the only way a reader will continue perusing through your paper.

The rules for academic writing are complex. However, they can be made simple to understand when you get proofread essay examples to refer to. The rules are already worked out in the examples. This makes it easier for you to imitate and thus perfectly execute these rules. Consult your tutor before using any example to avoid being misled.