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How I Wrote An Exceptional Essay On My Best Friend

If you are anything like me you want to always do your absolute best when it comes to writing essays for class. Last year, when I was tasked with having to write a short essay on my best friend, I really wanted to exhibit my abilities to do just this and applied everything I had learned up to this point. Here’s how I was able to describe my best friend essay:

I Came Up with a Unique Subject I Enjoyed

It’s not as easy to write a best friend essay as one would think; there are a number of different things I wanted to say that I had to come up with something unique and as well as something I really enjoyed to say. After brainstorming for a bit I developed three really good ideas to ponder further.

I Narrowed My Subject to Something Specific

After thinking on my friend essay for a couple of days, I chose the one subject I really wanted to work on and narrowed it even further to fit the limitations of the assignment (500 words). This made it easier to develop a plan for researching and drafting the content that would become my final.

I Conducted Two Levels of Essay Research

In order to write an exceptional my best friend essay in English, I understood the importance of having to conduct two in-depth levels of research. Friendship is a strange thing to write about and I wanted to ensure I understand it as much as possible (not just on the surface).

I Created an Outline and Wrote a Rough Draft

An essential part to the writing process is creating an outline and writing a first draft. I like to come up with a speech on my best friend when I think about creating my outline because it gives me a chance to see myself speaking in front of others in an organized way. I use this to form the basis from which to start.

I Edited and Proofread the Essay Thoroughly

Writing a first draft wasn’t that hard and I was able to write more than I needed to meet the assignment’s requirements. But I knew I had to do more. There is a significant amount of editing and proofreading that comes with exceptional writing and I wanted the absolute best. After each draft stage I would set my assignment aside for a few days before coming back to it for more work.

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